My boutique….

So on any given day I am always thinking about 50 million things to do and things that I have to do lol….strange but true! I have really just come to the conclusion that I have Adult ADD….its cool, it works for me lol….

On more than one occasion I have been thinking about starting my own online boutique. I have found it to be a very slow process because I haven’t really found any vendors that I want to business with for my jewelry and other accessories but I will get there. Then I have the task of getting the website together amongst other things. I actually thought about maybe starting by posting pics on my blog and I may actually look into doing that.

I love jewelry. I love accessories. I love getting my outfits together when I go out or when I just go to the store. Every little piece of an outfit matters! I can’t say that I’m a fashionista but I have a thing for fashion. I even help certain people in my life get their clothes together if we go somewhere or even just everyday clothes. Its something that I’m passionate about so I will definitely follow through with idea….

~Lohnnie Cakes


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