Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts

So you waited until the last minute to get something for your boo for Valentine’s Day and now you either have no idea about what you want to buy them. Or maybe you don’t have the funds to buy anything. If the later is true, there are plenty of things that you can do with little to no money just to make your sweetheart feel special.

Everyone wants to feel special and when you are in a relationship, making your mate or partner feel special is key to longevity. Men and women like to know that they were thought about not just one day of the year but everyday.

Any gift given to your sweetheart should be very special and must be given a lot of thought. Perfume, wine, chocolates, flowers or maybe even a nice outfit are all good ideas for a man to surprise his lady with. Or he can make her a heartfelt gift such as a card, a piece of jewelry or a night in with dinner. Ladies, men like cologne, cufflings, clothes or maybe a get-a-way for just you and him.

If you want to go another route, Edible Arrangements may be for you!! They have beautiful arrangements that are edible and most definitely delicious! This idea will

Sweetheart Swizzle Bouquet $45

definitely earn you some points if you are in the doghouse or just want to let your mate know what’s on your mind. For as little as $25, you can get an arrangement for Valentine’s Day that will put a blush on her face.

Whatever you do….make sure that this gift is from the heart. Life is too short to not want to show the one you love that they are adored.

~Lohnnie Cakes




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