My Valentine’s Day….


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I know that I posted a picture this morning but I didn’t say much so I decided to tell you how I spent my Valentine’s Day.

Now with all the Valentine’s day promoting that I did, I know that you would think that I have a mate or someone special in my life…..think again lol. Valentine’s day has always been a crazy day for me and so again, today was no different. I received many requests to be someones valentine but nothing that I know for myself to be absolutely real.

Anyway, I spoke with one of my friends today and he asked my why my sweetheart didn’t take me out…..I told him that I’m single and plenty of guys asked to be my Valentine but no one wants to be a man. Why would you want to be with me for just one day? I need love and a lifetime of it so why should I tolerate YOU for one day?

So…needless to say, my Valentine’s Day was spent cleaning up and spending a little time with the true lil man in my life….my son. He started telling me Happy Valentine’s Day on Sunday and woke up this morning excited about the day. So I took that energy and did what needed to be done today.

My Valentine’s Day….

~Lohnnie Cakes


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