Affiliate Marketing

For the past few days I have been doing research on Affiliate programs and ways to make an income from just doing the things that I like to do. I have done the E Bay thing, I am a Passion Parties independent consultant, and I sell Avon.

Selling on E Bay is easy but if you don’t have constant movement and products to sell, you won’t see a definite return. Its all about finding what is selling on these different auction websites and E Bay has gotten so good that they tell you which products are selling good on the site. Great tool!!

OMG!! I LOVE being a Passion Parties consultant ( btw lol) because I get to talk about something that I absolutely LOVE!! SEX!! Who wouldn’t want to talk about sex? Who wouldn’t want to have a career where all they do it talk abut sex? Who wouldn’t want to do something that constantly educated them about SEX? I’m not sure about you….but I could probably do this for the rest of my life if the economy would pick back up. Either way, I think that its not a hard business to conquer, it just takes a lot of persistence and work. There are many woman within this company who make a living doing this and (make a very nice living might I add) do very well. Hopefully, once I move this hustle will pick up.

Avon (has been my way to learn a little more about makeup. I wasn’t a real girly, girl until I met this chick that pretty much changed how I dressed, looked and even my self-esteem. Just hanging out with her made it possible for me to see what I was doing wrong and make me want to do better. BUT by this time, I was already 25 or 26 years old!! I missed out on all the makeup lessons. How to apply eye shadow and how to make sure I chose the right colors. And even though she tried at some points, I just couldn’t get it so, I started selling Mary Kay first (too much of a time consuming thing) and then moved to Avon. The products are inexpensive! More colors, product range and more products geared towards convenience!! What more could I ask for?!? Although my eye shadow game isn’t where I would like it to be….I still know what works for me and how to look good when I hit the streets.

So all of this takes me to me wanting to continue on my path to stay home and affiliate market, video blog, make money from blogging and do me!! I definitely need help on my journey….any takers on being a mentor? lol

~Lohnnie Cakes                       









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