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More often than not, we as humans dig holes for ourselves that sometimes we are unable to get out of the way we would like. We set goals and then sit back and do nothing. Or we create a vision board to showcase all of the things we want to accomplish but don’t take the necessary steps in order to put them in motion. Or we have all of these goals or things that we really want to do and we don’t write them down.

Knowing, making your wants visual and taking the behind the scene steps are all the “things” that get most people tripped up in the goal setting process.
Don’t you know that if you have no idea where you want to go, you are lost? Don’t you know that without Faith, all works are dead? Don’t you know that without persistence, you may as well not even start your mission in the first place…..

“Faith first, mindset second, goals third, action fourth, persistence always”. As I was reading The Daily Love by Mastin Kipp, I read across this phrase in his blog. A rule to live by!! If you have read or seen The Secret, you know that having faith and setting goals are really important in order to bring what you want into fruition! But if your mindset is not right or you are not taking the necessary actions to make your faith and goals produce fruit, you are ramming your head against the wall.

There will be roadblocks and the devil will try to derail you, but persistence is key! Don’t allow someone else to have your glory! Don’t allow someone else to take your dream away!

Have faith that you will see it through! Have the mindset that you can have what you want! Set your goals one by one! Set those goals on FIRE with action! And be persistent! Know that, you know that your dreams and goals will be a reality!

~Lohnnie Cakes



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