Dating rules Part II

This is Part II of my Dating Rules blog. If you missed the first one, scan through my blog and look for Dating Rules Part I. Part II is going to cover some signs that we all, not just women, should look for when dating.

We all like to make the comment “She/he just all of a sudden became crazy. I don’t know what happened!!” bzzzz WRONG!! They were already crazy!! You just didn’t bother to look past the cute face, skinny waist, nice lips, big ass, or swag. Don’t blame it on anyone else…..please!

Anyway, I have come up with a list of things that you (everybody) should look for….traits that someone may have that should make you want to RUN!!

  • If he/she has a habit like smoking or drinking that makes him belligerent, RUN! 
         Not only are these crazy habits to have but they can make a person be someone that they normally are not. Drugs        and alcohol are what I call “attitude enhancers”. If you have an attitude or catch an attitude while on the “attitude enhancers”, it will be worse than any normal attitude. Nine times out of ten he or she will become violent or belligerent and the outcome does not look pretty.
  • If he/she never completely answers a question, you will always haves this problem….he’s playing games.
         This is becoming an epidemic!! ***NEWS FLASH*** YOU ARE NOT KEEPING IT 100 IF YOU ARE NOT TELLING THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!! Just answering the question and not elaborating means that you are hiding something. YOU ARE NOT BEING “REAL” IF YOU DON’T TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!! If you tell the entire story from the beginning, you can avoid all the problems and heartache later on. 
  • If he tells you off top that he’s not looking for a girlfriend, regardless of the reason, don’t try and change his mind.
         He wants to remain single! Nothing will make him change his mind until he is truly ready. Please don’t think that by being patient and waiting that it will make him come around because he already told you from the beginning. He didn’t lie to you…he didn’t tell you that he wanted a relationship. Stop thinking that YOUR twat is so much better than mine or anybody else’s.
  • If he has a girlfriend, Don’t believe that line “I must not be happy if I’m trying to get with you.”
          First, don’t mess with anyone with a girlfriend or boyfriend especially if you want the situation to end in your favor. If he “decides” to leave her for you, he will do the same thing TO YOU! Again, don’t think that you are soooo special that any man will just up and leave where he has been laying his head and that you will not see him make that same move on you. Any man that can’t be single or hops from one bed to the next without a break is not ready for a real relationship….he just wants somewhere to lay his head.
  • If he has a child that is less than two years old, RUN!
         This is a trap!!! He and his child’s mother are either still dealing with each other or they haven’t worked thru all the kinks of their relationship so they still have drama. Please….please do not try to enter into a relationship with a person who has a young child and you are a SUPER jealous person. Someone will either be dead or hurt because it will not be pretty! There are too many men and women in this WORLD who don’t have drama and/or young kids…..find one of them. Situations tend to get pretty ugly when there are kids involved so save yourself the money, time and tears.
  • If his sneakers or shoes are dirty, RUN!

If he doesn’t take care of the things that he wears, he doesn’t really care about his appearance. The first impression can make or break a situation and/or relationship. This is why it is important to always try to put your best foot forward at all times because you don’t where or when you will meet someone special.

These are only a few things to look out for when you decide to start looking for someone to date. Don’t continue to be a victim of these men and women who bring nothing but drama into your life!

This post will definitely be continued……

~Lohnnie Cakes


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