There have been times that I have wanted to apologize to you all for some of the females that are running around calling themselves women. These females lie to get what they want, tricking men into believing something that’s not true, giving them false hope and allowing so-called men to put their hands on them. Really….there is no excuse for any of the underhanded things that some females do to get what they want. But really that is where my sympathetic ear stops.

I have many male friends and some of them have children. I love my friends like they are my brothers and I try to make sure that I give them advice when they come to me with complaints about their baby mommas. Let me start by defining “baby momma” for those that may be a little confused. A “baby momma” is a woman that you have a child with and she goes out of her way to drive you crazy. A “baby momma” should never be confused with “the mother of my child” or “my child’s mother”. A “baby momma” is not a term of endearment. Check out the “politically correct” definition of “baby momma” at Urban Dictionary.

Men need to come up with better criteria for what they look for in a woman. Stop believing that any sexual encounter won’t or can’t become more than that. Whatever a woman really wants, please believe she can get it. It may take time but if she is persistent and has unwavering faith, she will have you and/or your child. And realistically, if she has your child…..she has YOU.

To be continued…….


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