He breathes

He breathes

He breathes
and I can feel every breath he takes.
He breathes such sweet breaths and I can’t help myself.
So confident and loving with every touch he gives
He makes my body convulse with his thrusts
And his love is deep inside me
Giving us both pleasure….

He breathes
And it touches my soul, my mind.
Putting one in the air….it’s what we do
He touches more than my soul and I let him
Digging deeper until there is no return
The bodies that separate us coming closer together
Sending my mind on a chase to seek his love that’s deep inside me

He breathes
And my spine arches, my legs cramp
He sends me places that I can’t go with anyone else
My spine curves, his back is straight
Holding onto my body, pulling me closer to him
Entering me, loving me, enjoying me.
He breathes on my neck
He kisses my back and
He embraces my hips
We fall asleep in each others arms

He breathes
And I can’t say no or deny him.
He breathes


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