Lupus Awareness Month


It is the 30th day of May and Lupus Awareness month is almost over!! The month went by so fast! I must apologize for not sharing my entire story but I will make another post. There is no doubt in my mind that I have lived a blessed life and I will continue to view it that way.

I have known a few people in my life who lived with Lupus and looking at my life and theirs, there is no question about it. Sickness and death follows this ailment closely. From the very beginning it was apparent to me that life for me would be different.

It is definitely worth telling people and making others aware of this illness. My hope is that through my story they will see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is also worth me telling my story so that others do not go through the waiting that I went through in order to find out what I had. The embarrassment, crying and fear that I went through can be prevented. Awareness is the key!

If you have a family member, friend or even if it’s you that suffers from this ailment, know that you are not alone and there are people out there that you can talk to about anything. Love and take care of your body! Take comfort in knowing that life does not end until YOU write the ending.

~Lohnnie Cakes

P.S. If you need someone to talk to, email me at Thanks for reading and following me.


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