Day 2-Fresh Start Challenge


It’s day two of the Fresh Start challenge and I am super excited!! Hopefully, you have given much thought to everything that I shared with you yesterday and are ready to move forward. And hopefully you have started working on your list of goals, dreams and aspirations. You can always go back and change you goals or add to it at anytime, so don’t think that the list will always stay the same. By altering your list, it shows that you are growing and changing.

No matter what your goals are, they are very special. Why? Because they belong to you! And because they are what is most important to you. Otherwise, why would it be a goal or dream? You wouldn’t want something if it wasn’t special to you or something that you aspire to have. So why sell yourself short? Why not work towards your dreams?

Often we want something but we don’t follow through or we think that we can’t have it. Believing in your abilities is a part of self-love and plays an important roll in self-confidence and whether or not you know how to self-motivate. No one can give you those things because they are things that you must do for yourself. Hence the word “self”. You should never look to anyone else for the things that you should give yourself FIRST! Never look to anyone else to love you if you can’t love yourself. Never look to someone to compliment you or give you a boost if you don’t have confidence. Never look to another to motivate you if you can’t even motivate yourself to get out the bed or reach for the sky to reach your goals.

You must provide for yourself FIRST. Give yourself the things that you need then you can allow others to compliment or add to what you have already done. It’s like when you are raising kids, if you give your child everything they need without them working for it, they will always expect that. They will never know what it took for them to work for it.

Expect change and embrace it. If you don’t adapt to change very well, you aren’t ready for a Fresh Start. With this process, change will come rapidly and you have to be ready to handle it.

20120602-123552.jpg You must be ready, willing and able to sustain yourself, allow change, and remain positive.

One thing that I can suggest is to find a place where you can sit in peace and quiet for about 30 minutes to an hour every day. By doing this, you are allowing your mind to wonder and breathe. Think about what you want and how you can expand your goals. Think about the path that you need to take to get there and whether or not you are ready to take that journey. Nothing worth having is given to you or even free. Sometimes when you acquire something that was given to you, you don’t keep it long. It can be taken from you, you may just not appreciate it or it breaks. When you work for something, you appreciate it and value it. It means something so why would you mistreat it?

I hope that I have given you something to think about. I also hope that you give some thought to your goals. Please work on writing down your goals. Also, start gathering magazines, newspaper clippings and a piece of cardboard or a presentation board. Over the next week or so we will start working on your vision board. A vision board is a way for you to put your goals and dreams on paper and visualize it. Go to the Vision Board website and get ideas by clicking here.

These are two examples of vision boards by others.



Your board will represent everything that you want so put some thought and time into what you want on it.

~Lohnnie Cakes

“I want every day to be a fresh start on expanding what is possible.”
― Oprah Winfrey


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