Monthly Archives: October 2012

New beginnings!!!

OMG…’s been two months since I last made a post but I apologize….it’s not because I wasn’t thinking about you ;-).

I have been working on some new projects as well as helping my friend get off the ground with her project. I know that a lot of my readers quite possibly coupon and/or love deals. I mean…..who wants to pay full price for everything? Lol anyway, a friend of mine has started her website for the Urban Coupon Diva. Every once and a while I may post something for her to help promote.

She has her website…..
And her FaceBook page is for the Urban Coupon Diva as well! Please show her some love, like her page and sign up for the feed on her website.

I also have some plans in the works so please look out for me (Lohnnie Cakes) and Saphyre Bartending!!!

~Lohnnie Cakes


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