Come and check me out!!


I know…..I know! I have my moments of posting everyday or more than once a day and then I go weeks but its all due to me brainstorming.

I have opened up my new blog through HubPages so I definitely want you all to check that out. HubPages is a little different from WordPress. HubPages is all about you passing your knowledge on through tutorials or articles about whatever you would like to talk about. However, it’s more about me stating the facts with no sidebar comments. On WordPress you can talk about what your heart desires and make comments, jokes or whatever.

Right now I have only posted one blog thus far but will be posting another one (hopefully tonight). My first “hub” is about bartending. My second “hub” is about liquor. But most definitely, I would love for you to check it out and leave comments, if possible.

Also, please don’t forget about my friends web page and Facebook page for the Urban Coupon Diva. Please “Like” her page and email her to be added to her subscribers list. Do it for me…..**smile**.

Anyway, make sure you check out my HubPage and give me some feedback.

Things to remember:

Visit me at:

Check out my friends Facebook page at: Urban Coupon Divas

Check out her website:

Until next time!!

~Lohnnie Cakes


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