The REAL Ms. Cakes….

I am a single mother of a beautiful boy, a friend, a lover, a woman….. My mission is to share what is on my heart with the world. I know that not everyone will understand or want to read what I have to say but sometimes you have to get some things out into the universe.

I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason. I started this blog to not only help myself but to also to help others. More often than not, I will have so many thoughts run through my mind and writing on my blog gives me a chance to either post how I feel or get my mind off of what’s going on. Blogging gives me something that we all need sometimes…..someone that will listen.

I write about inspiration, motivation, life, sex, money, pain, love, lust, and whatever else comes to my mind that day….

~Lohnnie Cakes


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