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My Good Vibe…


It’s always a long time before I can come post but it is a personal goal to be able to post everyday. Thank God I have enough to keep me busy. I would LOVE ❤️ to be busier though (lol).

I have revamped my YouTube page a little and will start posting videos. I already have one that I posted yesterday. Short but sweet! I’m very, very excited about this as well as some other ventures that I am working on. I’m Lohnnie Cakes on YouTube! Subscribe. Subscribe! 😘

I already post like a mad woman on IG and FB. You are always welcomed to follow me! IG: LohnnieCakes FB: Lohnnie Cakes Follow me! I follow back!

Delon Company is another project that I’m working on. Building a brand here people! And I’m soooo very excited to just be a part of the movement. Customized shirts and snapbacks at a great deal! Beautiful quality. We also refashion! You will be hearing more about Delon Company real soon!

That’s all that I am willing to share for now (lol) but I have much more in store. Subscribe. Follow. All that good stuff!

😎The Cake Lady


New beginnings!!!

OMG…’s been two months since I last made a post but I apologize….it’s not because I wasn’t thinking about you ;-).

I have been working on some new projects as well as helping my friend get off the ground with her project. I know that a lot of my readers quite possibly coupon and/or love deals. I mean…..who wants to pay full price for everything? Lol anyway, a friend of mine has started her website for the Urban Coupon Diva. Every once and a while I may post something for her to help promote.

She has her website…..
And her FaceBook page is for the Urban Coupon Diva as well! Please show her some love, like her page and sign up for the feed on her website.

I also have some plans in the works so please look out for me (Lohnnie Cakes) and Saphyre Bartending!!!

~Lohnnie Cakes

Home Based Business Statistics

With the state the economy, government, and society in general, MANY Americans are looking for a way out!  Working from home offers many Americans a way to truly live the “American Dream” OR to escape it!  
We all want more time with our families, a means to effectively support ourselves and our families, and an actual retirement income we can live on that social security will not provide!  Even with advanced degrees, most traditional jobs do not afford even the possibility of earning an unlimited income!  For these reasons, and many more, self-employment is extremely attractive.
Anyone who has owned a traditional, brick and mortar business can attest to the fact that the start up costs and overhead are EXTREMELY expensive.  Further, most businesses don’t see a profit for their owners for at least a year!  The costs can be so steep, in fact, that many Americans are excluded from realizing the dream of self-employment if they only have the traditional, brick and mortar business ownership option.
Enter the Home Based Business!  Many extremely valid, and potentially profitable, Home Based Businesses have a total start up cost of under $1000.00!  Additionally, unlike a brick and mortar business, Home Based Business owners often begin to see profits within their first week!  (Of course, this takes initiative and work on the part of the Home Based Business owner…DO NOT go into a Home Based Business thinking that there will be no work or upkeep involved!)
  • A New Home Based Business is started every 12 seconds
  • There are 38 million Home Based Businesses in the USA
  • 70% of the Home Based Business succeed within 3 years versus 30% of regular business
  • 44%  of Home Based Business are started for under $5,000
  • 70% of Americans would prefer to be self-employed
  • $427 billion per year is made by Home Based Business
Hiome Based Business Statistics USA
If you’d like more information on how to get started in a Home Based Business, contact our experienced team today!  We offer complete training, a simple duplication process, leads, and ongoing support to all of our team members.  Additionally, the Home Based Business products we endorse are for products you already need and use daily as a business owner (or, as a person who communicates with others)! Further, we only endorse businesses who are financially and ethically sound, have attractive compensation plans in which all affiliates can profit, and have global appeal.  Our experienced group of team leaders has years of experience in a variety of fields including direct sales, education, brick and mortar business ownership, college and career counseling, public speaking, marketing, and more!  
Contact us today!!
Lohnnie Green

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Blogging for money II

So….I have been giving the blogging for money idea some more thought but I have run into a few roadblocks. I know that I need to promote my page more and get more exposure but how? I guess from day to day I have to post on my Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogger and Bloggers accounts, but at some point doesn’t it become tedious?

Anyway, I guess I will be doing more research to see what more I need to do to get more people interested and get more people to sign up for my mailing list.

By the way…..SIGN UP FOR MY MAILING LIST!! lol Thank you….

~Lohnnie Cakes 

Blogging for money

Last night, before I went to bed, I read a blog about blogging for money and then I searched through the topics about the subject. There was a lot of interesting information and blogs about blogging for money and it made me a lil interested.

I might do a little more research and then consider doing it or working towards it. What do you think?

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