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The Historical Effeminization of The Black Male


African Eunuch

eunuch is a man who has been castrated. Typically, this procedure occurs early enough in his life, say before puberty, for this change to have major hormonal  consequences. Castration was typically carried out on the soon-to-be eunuch without his consent so that he might perform a specific social function. That function was to be an asexual, non-threatening guard to the King’s Harem of Concubines.

{Castration tools}

Many eunuchs were African slaves who were caught, groomed and effeminized by wearing feminine clothes, make-up, perfume and jewelry in order to make them reliable servants of the royal court…without the sexual threat of taking the King’s women. The role of the castrated African man was not just to keep other men at bay, but to make the King’s bed, bathe him, dress him and cut his hair. In short, the black man’s role was to be but a lowly servant to protect the interest…

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Knowledge Is Power

A poem by Me…for whomever…

I have decided that every day I will put forth the effort to learn more about myself and better overstand my life.
From the very beginning…to the present day, I HAVE to learn what has caused my people so much strife.
This thing didn’t start with Martin Luther King or should I say Michael King, Jr….do you know who I mean?
This thing didn’t start with Mary McLeod Bethune…these are just the ones they want to be seen.
This thing started the day they started erasing Our Story and calling it their own to make us feel like nothing.
This thing started the day they decided we weren’t worth shit and wanted to treat us like we weren’t really something.
You see….until Our History is recognized and Our Story is told truthfully….
These muthafuckas gone always feel how they feel and look at us stupidly.
Everyday that we degrade Our Women and make Our Men feel like shit….
Is a step in the wrong direction and empowering that Willie Lynch bullshit.
We must understand that Knowledge is Power and THAT’S NOT JUST A SLOGAN!
We must take control of our future and fix what is truly broken.



The New Me…

The new me came about a few months ago but has been in the making for a while. As I look back on my life, I see so many experiences, people and things have brought me to this point. I don’t regret anything. I don’t harbor animosity. I don’t hate anyone. I want all of this to be clear. I don’t envy anyone’s life or jealous of anything anyone has. I am that I am. And sweetheart….I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY LOHNNIE.

My journey started a few months ago as I stated previously. I was in a bit of a rut. Trying to really figure out what I wanted and needed to do with my life. Things looked great on the outside….I guess, but inside I was falling apart. Everyday we all age and move closer in the direction we have positioned ourselves in. I was unclear of what to do. The energy that I was receiving from my housemates was killing me…slowly. I think that a lot of people don’t understand that whatever energy you receive constantly or whatever energy you surround yourself with can change the course of how things go for you as well. If you are around negative people who bring negative situations into your life….you will carry that energy with you regardless of how positive you are. So everyday, if I wanted or needed to be productive, I had to leave the house just to have a clear mind. I had to leave the house just to be able to think clearly. I look back now and think…”What kind of hell was I living in and why did I do that?” But I know why. Negative energy can hold you down so long that you can’t and won’t see how to move forward. I made excuses for why I was doing what I was doing but the truth is….I was depressed. The medication was no help to me and it pushed me down even further. Sometimes all a person needs is to just talk about what bothers them. Sometimes all a person needs is an opportunity to see clearly. Sometimes all a person needs is to find their real motivation.

Months went by. Then years and I still made no progress. I was stagnant. I had succumbed to my surroundings and I started feeling too comfortable in the life I was living. I settled. It was the worse thing that I could have ever done but I allowed it to happen because I lost something. I lost something that I had my entire life up until a few years ago. I lost my self-confidence. Allowing what I THOUGHT should have been my life to take over. Allowing what I thought should have been mine to cause me pain and regret. I let people use me and take parts of me with them. My depression took over every aspect of my life. My self-confidence was based on what others thought of me. My lack of self-appreciation took me down many dark roads and caused me to attract more pain into my life. The uniqueness that was me was MIA.

The saying goes….”Whatever you feed will flourish. Whatever you starve will surely die.” I had to make a conscious decision to love and care for me and my life. I was feeding what was trying to kill me. I was feeding what was trying to destroy me. In life, we must decide what we will continue to feed and what we want to die. Thought, energy and words give power. What we fail to realize is that focus feeds the beast…whether good or bad…it feeds it. When you constantly give a person, a thing, a topic, an issue…anything you give energy or focus will grow. It feeds and prospers off of your attention. For months I believed that by spreading awareness of Lupus and the fact that I lived with this illness everyday would help draw more attention and help shed light. Honestly, all it did was drag me further into depression, hurt, dis-ease and confusion. I believed that it was what my life was all about but in reality I was birthed to be so much more than what I have! I started hurting and being in more pain than I have ever been. I was feeding the beast! My entire adult life I had lived with Lupus and no one knew! People would come to me and say that they never knew and wanted to know when I found out. I had been knowingly living with this dis-ease since I was 15 years old yet I had been living my life like I had no problems! Why? Because I didn’t feed the beast. I didn’t blame every pain, hurt or situation on my life with Lupus. Don’t get me wrong….I’m not saying that anyone should ignore their health. I’m not saying that you should just up and stop taking your meds. But what I am saying is that medicating isn’t working. Feeding the beast is not working. Being depressed is not working. Isolating myself is not working!

The pharmaceutical “business” is an entirely different subject that I really can’t begin to touch today. However, what I will say is that all of these medications that they give us only lead to more problems. Not only more issues with the initial reason for you taking the meds in the first place but also causing other problems that have nothing to do with the initial problem! The definition of medicine according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary the science and art dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention, alleviation, or cure of disease. Yet modern medicine does NONE of this! It doesn’t prevent anything. It doesn’t effectively alleviate or cure anything! If anything, you develop other health issues and then go back to the doctor to allow them to make you even sicker. But again….that’s a topic for another day.


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Hello again!! New endeavors are on the horizon!

OMG….I really need to be ashamed of myself. I have not posted anything for almost a year but I have been so busy! I have taken up so many different projects and totally put my blog on the back burner but I’m back!! 

One of the projects that I have taken up is making my own wigs and becoming more familiar with weave and just hair in general. I have also been considering becoming a hair distributor as well as going to Cosmetology school but lets not jump too far ahead. I have been researching a lot and I am just super excited about this venture. 

I have also been thinking about making my own video to show how I make my wigs. So please make sure you watch out for that! The wigs that I have been making are pretty simple and I have only been using glue to secure the tracks; however, I am about to delve into making sew ins because they last longer and you don’t have to worry about the glue.

This Bob hair style is my current hair style and I just love the different ways that I can curl and manipulate this hair. The hair is from Sensationnel and it’s in their Bump collection. It’s 100% human hair and it has a great texture. I have had this style for about a week and I have had very little problems with shedding and I haven’t noticed any tangles. The hair was $19.99 and can be styled in different ways. I found this hair in Beautyline, which is a beauty supply store in Columbia, South Carolina. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find this hair at my local beauty supply store.
The hair is about 8 inches and has a natural bump to it already. Even when you cut the hair it still has a little curl to it at the ends. In my next post, I will give a little more detail about how I installed the wefts, cut and styled. I cut the hair into a slight asymmetrical Bob and I believe that by doing this I added a little more versatility to the style. 

Normally, I am able to stick with a style for about 2 weeks before I become bored or just tired of something sitting on top of my head (lol). I tend to sweat a lot in my hair so learning how to perform a sew in would allow me to remove the wig whenever I feel like it. I have not tried just gluing the tracks using my mannequins head but I much would rather sew the wefts onto the wig cap than to glue them. Image

If you are a hair diva, you may want to stay tuned!! Also, watch out for my tutorial video to see how I installed this hair. I may also do a post in my blog to show the different steps.

Another project that I have been working on is something that is near and dear to my heart. If you have been following me somewhat, you may already know that I have Lupus. I have registered to be apart of a Walk to End Lupus fundraiser. On April 28, 2013, I will be participating a walk in Charlotte, North Carolina and I also so excited! Currently, we are only about 40% of our goal of $125,000 and we have ten days left. 



If you would like to join me in the walk or even to donate, please click the banner and follow the directions to register or donate today. This is definitely a worthy cause! My team is called Purple Ribbonz. Hopefully, in the near future you will see this name everywhere and not just being associated with Lupus awareness. In the near future, I hope to have my business up and running. Visit my team page to find out more information. Click here to go to my team page.


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