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Knowledge Is Power

A poem by Me…for whomever…

I have decided that every day I will put forth the effort to learn more about myself and better overstand my life.
From the very beginning…to the present day, I HAVE to learn what has caused my people so much strife.
This thing didn’t start with Martin Luther King or should I say Michael King, Jr….do you know who I mean?
This thing didn’t start with Mary McLeod Bethune…these are just the ones they want to be seen.
This thing started the day they started erasing Our Story and calling it their own to make us feel like nothing.
This thing started the day they decided we weren’t worth shit and wanted to treat us like we weren’t really something.
You see….until Our History is recognized and Our Story is told truthfully….
These muthafuckas gone always feel how they feel and look at us stupidly.
Everyday that we degrade Our Women and make Our Men feel like shit….
Is a step in the wrong direction and empowering that Willie Lynch bullshit.
We must understand that Knowledge is Power and THAT’S NOT JUST A SLOGAN!
We must take control of our future and fix what is truly broken.




My thoughts…

I have had so much on my mind and honestly, I need to start writing this stuff down!! Its really getting crazy lol….

My quote for today!!!!

“I am a feminist, and what that means to me is much the same as the meaning of the fact that I am Black: it means that I must undertake to love myself and to respect myself as though my very life depends upon self-love and self-respect.”

~June Jordan

This quote stirred so much inside of me today that I had to write a post on it! Everyday on my Facebook page, I post a quote about motivation or some type of inspirational context and because it is Black History month I have vowed to post a quote by an African American. I have come across so many inspirational quotes and motivational tools while I have been on this journey.

This quote tells me that just like I am proud to be an African American….I should carry myself like I am proud to be a WOMAN! It should tell any woman that whatever color or race or creed, you should be proud to carry yourself like  woman in the same way that you are proud to be an American…or a Chinese American…or a South Carolinian. We should never be disgusted so much with ourselves that we forget what we are or where our ancestors came from and what that all represents.

Ms. June Jordan was a Caribbean-American poet and committed activist among other things. She played a very important role in the development of black artistic, social, and politic movementsShe is also known as one of the most significant and prolific black, bisexual writers of the 20th century. Self-love was a very important topic to her and it reflected itself in everything that she did.

~Lohnnie Cakes

Old School Love….

When I woke up this morning…I was definitely feeling some type of way and just in the mood to listen to some real Old School music. Check out my youtube.com mix….

Black History Month 2012


February is Black History Month and I decided to do something different this year. In between my two blogs, I will attempt to feature at least one African American each day. So make sure you stay tuned!!!

I am definitely proud to be African American and want to learn as well as educate more people on my culture. If this doesn’t help anyone, I will have definitely helped myself.

~Lohnnie Cakes

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