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My mission with #TheLupusGrindNeverStops campaign is to help raise awareness of Lupus, increase awareness to improve early diagnosis and present its impact on people living with Lupus. By increasing awareness, we can help de-stigmatize Lupus, enhance empathy for people living with this chronic illness and strengthen the Lupus community by showing those living with Lupus that they are not alone.
The campaign is mostly targeted towards young minority women, who are most impacted by Lupus. By raising awareness, diagnosis and treatment can be sought for those who are at an increased risk of being diagnosed and those who have symptoms. The campaign, as of right now, includes blog entries and social media activities.

Lohnnie Cakes


Hello again!! New endeavors are on the horizon!

OMG….I really need to be ashamed of myself. I have not posted anything for almost a year but I have been so busy! I have taken up so many different projects and totally put my blog on the back burner but I’m back!! 

One of the projects that I have taken up is making my own wigs and becoming more familiar with weave and just hair in general. I have also been considering becoming a hair distributor as well as going to Cosmetology school but lets not jump too far ahead. I have been researching a lot and I am just super excited about this venture. 

I have also been thinking about making my own video to show how I make my wigs. So please make sure you watch out for that! The wigs that I have been making are pretty simple and I have only been using glue to secure the tracks; however, I am about to delve into making sew ins because they last longer and you don’t have to worry about the glue.

This Bob hair style is my current hair style and I just love the different ways that I can curl and manipulate this hair. The hair is from Sensationnel and it’s in their Bump collection. It’s 100% human hair and it has a great texture. I have had this style for about a week and I have had very little problems with shedding and I haven’t noticed any tangles. The hair was $19.99 and can be styled in different ways. I found this hair in Beautyline, which is a beauty supply store in Columbia, South Carolina. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find this hair at my local beauty supply store.
The hair is about 8 inches and has a natural bump to it already. Even when you cut the hair it still has a little curl to it at the ends. In my next post, I will give a little more detail about how I installed the wefts, cut and styled. I cut the hair into a slight asymmetrical Bob and I believe that by doing this I added a little more versatility to the style. 

Normally, I am able to stick with a style for about 2 weeks before I become bored or just tired of something sitting on top of my head (lol). I tend to sweat a lot in my hair so learning how to perform a sew in would allow me to remove the wig whenever I feel like it. I have not tried just gluing the tracks using my mannequins head but I much would rather sew the wefts onto the wig cap than to glue them. Image

If you are a hair diva, you may want to stay tuned!! Also, watch out for my tutorial video to see how I installed this hair. I may also do a post in my blog to show the different steps.

Another project that I have been working on is something that is near and dear to my heart. If you have been following me somewhat, you may already know that I have Lupus. I have registered to be apart of a Walk to End Lupus fundraiser. On April 28, 2013, I will be participating a walk in Charlotte, North Carolina and I also so excited! Currently, we are only about 40% of our goal of $125,000 and we have ten days left. 



If you would like to join me in the walk or even to donate, please click the banner and follow the directions to register or donate today. This is definitely a worthy cause! My team is called Purple Ribbonz. Hopefully, in the near future you will see this name everywhere and not just being associated with Lupus awareness. In the near future, I hope to have my business up and running. Visit my team page to find out more information. Click here to go to my team page.


Lohnnie Cakes

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