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Ten Guilty Pleasures……

I was sitting here thinking about the rest of my week and started thinking about a Passion Party that I have planned on Friday. I wanted to write something on my blog pertaining to my OTHER job lol….

I think that we all have desires that we don’t get fulfill or we overlook because of certain reasons and women in particular have to ignore our desires and pleasures the most. I believe that we all need to come up with a list of our Ten Pleasures or Desires….whether they are guilty or not. Put it in a book or place it on a wall that you always look at. Commit to completely one pleasure or desire a month.

Here is my list of my Ten Guilty Pleasures: (Are you ready? lol)

10.) I love marshmallows (don’t tell anyone)!! I can swallow a whole bag in minutes lol

9.) There is something about a man that smells good. OMG…..My sense of smell is a lil ridiculous and always has been so smelling good is very important!

8.) I think that I subconsciously like wearing shirts where my girls are visible. lol

7.) I love to be bitten. I don’t want you to take some skin with you when you leave but at least make me feel it. lol

6.) I love to eat but the problem is…..I’m a really picky eater!! I don’t eat just anything but what I do it, will and can be gone in seconds!

5.) Smoking a cigarette from time to time has become just a guilty pleasure.    

4.) I drink at least one energy drink a day! I don’t even think that they work anymore lol

3.) I love watching SpongeBob and Patrick gets on my very last nerve in just about every episode lol

2.) I love pissing some people off when I make posts on Facebook lol

1.) I love being in love……

What is your Top Ten Guilty Pleasures?

~Lohnnie Cakes


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