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Here we are!!! 2015 and I make my first post in June. I most definitely need to do better and learn how to make the most of the free time that I do have. 

I’ve really started to concentrate more on Lupus Awareness and being more creative. I love creating and just making things! It’s a talent that I would love to share. I’m not a complete DIYer but I experiment a lot and do what I can. For Mothers Day, I made my Mother a spring wreath.  And she loves it! What do you think?? Be honest.

I also refashion my clothes. I love it! The only reason that I haven’t posted them or started selling is because of my lack of space right now. That will be changing soon so watch out for that idea to flourish! 

My new passion has drawn me to thrift stores and taken me away from the “department” store and malls. I really can’t tell you the last time I bought anything from a regular clothing store! I still want to learn how to use my sewing machine but again….my space situation has me stunted. 

I know that I say this every time(lol) but I really mean it this time. I will start posting regularly and the posts will be very interesting. 

The Exotic Gypsy


My Good Vibe…


It’s always a long time before I can come post but it is a personal goal to be able to post everyday. Thank God I have enough to keep me busy. I would LOVE ❤️ to be busier though (lol).

I have revamped my YouTube page a little and will start posting videos. I already have one that I posted yesterday. Short but sweet! I’m very, very excited about this as well as some other ventures that I am working on. I’m Lohnnie Cakes on YouTube! Subscribe. Subscribe! 😘

I already post like a mad woman on IG and FB. You are always welcomed to follow me! IG: LohnnieCakes FB: Lohnnie Cakes Follow me! I follow back!

Delon Company is another project that I’m working on. Building a brand here people! And I’m soooo very excited to just be a part of the movement. Customized shirts and snapbacks at a great deal! Beautiful quality. We also refashion! You will be hearing more about Delon Company real soon!

That’s all that I am willing to share for now (lol) but I have much more in store. Subscribe. Follow. All that good stuff!

😎The Cake Lady

My boutique….

So on any given day I am always thinking about 50 million things to do and things that I have to do lol….strange but true! I have really just come to the conclusion that I have Adult ADD….its cool, it works for me lol….

On more than one occasion I have been thinking about starting my own online boutique. I have found it to be a very slow process because I haven’t really found any vendors that I want to business with for my jewelry and other accessories but I will get there. Then I have the task of getting the website together amongst other things. I actually thought about maybe starting by posting pics on my blog and I may actually look into doing that.

I love jewelry. I love accessories. I love getting my outfits together when I go out or when I just go to the store. Every little piece of an outfit matters! I can’t say that I’m a fashionista but I have a thing for fashion. I even help certain people in my life get their clothes together if we go somewhere or even just everyday clothes. Its something that I’m passionate about so I will definitely follow through with idea….

~Lohnnie Cakes

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