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#TheLupusGrindNeverStops is a very important movement, not only to me but every Lupie in the world. Lupus is an invisible illness that can cause so much damage, not only to the Lupie but also family and friends. It’s an illness that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. You never know when you will get sick. You never know what symptoms you will have. You never know how severe a flare can be. 
For me, I think the worst part of this illness is that you can look “normal” but on the inside you feel like your body is falling apart. It feels like your body is betraying you and there is nothing you can do about it. The fear of catching something as simple as a cold is real. What takes the average person a couple of days to get over, can have a Lupie down for at least two weeks. Catching the flu or pneumonia can be deadly and the experience of extreme fatigue can be overwhelming. 

If you know someone with Lupus, be sympathetic. Be that ear that they need. Educate yourself.


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